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e-Mail: welcome@alsic-china.com;    alsic-china@hotmail.com

Office Address:

2-2-1719#, i-City
Tang Yan Nan Rd.
High-Tech District Zone
Xian 710065
P. R. China

Manufacturing Site:

C2#, Western Cloud Valley
XiXian New District
Xian 712000
P. R. China



AlSiC Advantages:

  • CTE likes ceramic's, compatible with die and substrate;
  • TC better than W-Cu and Al alloy;
  • Has strength of Cast Ion, ductility of 45# steel;
  • Weight of Aluminum, half weight of Titanium;

AlSiC was early used on radar on warplane to replace W-Cu. New assemblies achieved better performance on thermal dissipation, and 10kg of weight was cut from the total weight of a radar. AlSiC material thus gained attention.

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