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AlSiC Structural Parts

When choose AlSiC material to build structural part, there is no pointed area. The success stories cover a series of applications, from engine, chopper, robot, satellite, tank to brake.

AlSiC is light in weight like aluminum while tough in hardness like cast ion. Its coefficient of thermal expansion could be adjusted from 6ppm/℃ to Fadi AlSiC Holder12ppm/℃. Its strength and ductility could also be adjusted from cast ion to high strength steel while still keep its aluminum weight. AlSiC is also abrasion resistant material, ideal for brake pad.

AlSiC Advantages:

  • CTE likes ceramic's, compatible with die and substrate;
  • TC better than W-Cu and Al alloy;
  • Has strength of Cast Ion, ductility of 45# steel;
  • Weight of Aluminum, half weight of Titanium;

AlSiC was early used on radar on warplane to replace W-Cu. New assemblies achieved better performance on thermal dissipation, and 10kg of weight was cut from the total weight of a radar. AlSiC material thus gained attention.

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