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Fadi AlSiC MMC Properties

Aluminum Alloy ZL101A
Silicon Carbide electronic grade, volume fraction 65%
Thermal Conductivity((W/mK) @25°C) ≥180 200typical
Specific Heat (J/gK) @ 25°C 0.803
Thermal Expansion (CTE) ppm/°C (30°C-100°) 7.42
(30°C-150°)  7.93
(30°C-200°)  8.35
Young’s Modulus (GPa) 190-230
Shear Modulus (GPa) 75
flexural strength (MPa) 350
Percent Elongation at Rupture(%) 0.28
Fracture Toughness 11.3
Electrical Resistance (µOhm-cm) 20
Hermeticity (atm-cm3/sHe) < 10  -9

Remark: the above material is for thermal management purpose only, the features of AlSiC are ajustable.

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